Lobby for Change

Use your voice and vote to encourage positive change

  • Write to your MP or local council for action on forests and trees. 
  • Sign petitions and join positive movements for change.

International Petitions and Campaigns


Friends of the Earth International

  • Petition against the Batang Toru Dam project in Sumatra – which will threaten the forest where the newly discovered Tapanuli orangutan lives.  The project could wipe out the species. 

Global Deal for Nature

  • Global Deal for Nature – developed by leading scientists calling on global leaders at the UN’s Convention on Biodiversity in 2020.

UK Petitions and Campaigns

Friends of the Earth UK

Woodland Trust

Politicians not listening?  Join peaceful protests

Greenpeace Southeast Asia organises tree planting activity at Chiang Dao Youth Camp in Chiang Mai province to restore forest damaged by forest fires causing smog in the north of Thailand.
Scarlet ibis birds fill the sky above flooded lowlands, approximately 20 miles southwest of Bom Amigo along the coast of Brazil.

Please note Positive Nature has no formal affiliation with these organisations