TOFTigers is a global business-to-business nature travel charity with a mission to improve the ecological and economic sustainability of wildlands and wildlife across Asia. Their PUG eco certification programme, recognised by the UN-backed Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), is a mark of sustainability for travellers selecting where to stay in wilderness destinations in India and Nepal.

Positive Nature working in consultation with Sycom Projects Consultants Pvt Ltd, TOFTigers Green Team, has developed a toolkit to spread good practice amongst the accommodation sector and show a wider audience how lodges covered by TOFTigers certification combine good business with care for nature and local communities.

This strongly visual resource covers nine overlapping themes which reflect what responsible practice is about set against the backdrop of the Sustainable Development Goals. Each section includes why the theme is important, top line tips for action, examples and case studies and additional resources. A further section provides case studies on lodges rated Outstanding by TOFTigers Green Team.


Local Economy – Employment, Skills & Enterprise

Community Liaison & Support

Water Conservation & Treatment

Energy & Carbon Footprint

Waste Management & Recycling

Nature Education & Conservation

Cultural Heritage

Sustainable Building

Health, Safety & Pollution

Individual Lodge Case Studies